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Dominica 2014

Located in the Eastern Caribbean between Guadeloupe and Martinique is the lovely island of Dominica. Paul and I had the privilege of visiting this little gem for a little over a week in January 2014 and truly loved it. 

The island is 60 miles long by 15 Miles wide and has 365 rivers, streams, and brooks, one for every day of the year! The island is very beautiful with an abundance of tropical fruits and spices. Up in the mountains there are a thousand shades of green and amongst them some of the most breathtaking waterfalls for you to climb up to and splash around in. 

Diving in Dominica has made it into our top 10 dives with its diversity. The north west of the island has superb corals, flounder, turtles, lobsters, crab, and cleaner shrimp to name a few. The South offers champagne beach with its volcanic bubbles at one site to pinnacles and a variety of sea life like seahorses and frog fish on another. The diving caters to all levels with lots of shallow and deep sites. For photographers it is a dream destination, the Macro life is in abundance and the corals are beautiful for the wide angle. Unlike many places around the world Dominica is not fished out so there are schools of snapper, grunts and many tropical fish. Most of the sites are in a Marine reserve that is Policed all the time, which was great to see. 

Whale watching is also available on the island and is a lot of fun. They pretty much guarantee whales and true to form we were fortunate enough to see 5 of them on our short trip. The boat captain turned us around to make sure everyone had a great view and they don't overload the boat which is nice. 

We visited Titou gorge which is worth plunging into the cold water and was the scene for one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Trafalgar falls, Victoria falls, Sari Sari falls, the fresh water lake, Indian river and Cabrits National park during our trip and would recommend them all. There is also the Boiling lake but we did not have time to get there. It is a 3hr hike each way but spectacular when you get there by all accounts. This is one of only 2 boiling lakes in the world, with the other in New Zealand. 

We stayed in Castle Comfort, Fort Young Hotel, and Jungle Bay Lodge and can advise on each one of them if anyone has questions!

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