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Aria Snorkie Talkie Kit


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  • Push to talk sytem:
    • push=talk
    • release=listen
  • Adjustable Volume
  • USB cable for charging included
  • 4 channels for separate conversations
  • 8 hrs operating time
  • 2 hrs complete re-charge
  • Waterproof 3m/10ft
  • Max range:900 ft(300m)
  • Compatible with Snorkie-Talkie surface unit

  • Compatible with other Walkie Talkie radios as long as equipped with same channel.
  • Any number of snorkelers equipped with Snorkie Talkie can communicate when on the same channel.
  • OCEAN REEF Snorkie-Talkie is a radio communication system to be used in combination with OCEAN REEF- made Full Face snorkeling masks (Aria, SeaVuDry, Sport and UNO masks).

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